VINUM: The Story of Roman Wine
by Stuart Fleming

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Follow the way that historical events and social attitudes — among them, changes in political fortunes, wars and plagues, slavery and materialism — influenced the nature of Roman viticulture from the mid-2nd century B.C. to the early 7th century A.D. Wrapped into this story is the place of wine in Roman everyday life: its influence on the rules of marriage, its valuable role in medicinals, its part in religious practices, and the way it so clearly mirrored social divisions between the haves and have-nots. VINUM: The Story of Roman Wine explores all these issues, along with the rival views on wine's merits; as a force for idleness and debauchery, or as a catalyst for friendship and an aid to good health.

“One barrel of wine can work more miracles than a church full of saints.”
(A modern Italian proverb)


"The history of wine is the history of civilization, and Fleming brings to life the banquets for the wealthy, neighborhood taverns and drunken debaucheries of ancient Rome." (Deborah Scoblionkov, The Philadelphia Inquirer).

"Stuart Fleming has given us a superb taste of the wines of ancient Rome, where and how they were produced, the people who drank them, and the high-end banquets and bawdy bars where they were consumed-a compelling human portrayal of a custom that engaged Romans virtually from cradle to grave." (Peter Young, Archaeology magazine)

“'VINUM: the Story of Roman Wine' is a book of great subtlety and depth in its heady mix of fine scholarly research and its earthy popular appeal. Like any fine vintage, it leaves its imbiber fully satisfied and with a lingering recollection of digestible knowledge, expertly distilled.” (Michelle Brown, Curator of Manuscripts, British Library)

"Stuart Fleming unearths and marshalls an astonishing array of facts about wine in ancient Roman life. Who would have known that the Romans' wine of choice was white, not red? Who would have known that wine was utilized in conjunction with herbs to create medicine or that the Romans sold wine to the Celts, some of whom hoarded it for the sake of bolstering their social status? Oenophiles and students of the classics alike will delight in 'VINUM: The Story of Roman Wine.' It is well written and beautifully illustrated." (Kevin R. Kosar, Editor,